Fire Risk Assessment Northern Ireland

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A fire safety risk assessment is an organised and methodical look at the premises, the activities within the premises, the potential for a fire to occur and the harm it could cause to the people in and around the premises. The existing fire safety measures are evaluated and kept under review to establish whether the are adequate or if more requires to be done. For the purpose of fire safety risk assessment, a hazard is a situation that can give rise to fire; and the risk is the potential for a fire to occur (i.e. likelihood) and cause death or injury (i.e. consequence).

Fire Risk Assessment Northern Ireland

  1. Fire Alarm System Operation and Design

  2. Emergency Exits including how to open all escape doors and any special fastenings

  3. Emergency Lighting

  4. Fire Evacuation Drill

  5. The Evacuation Procedures for Everyone in the Building to reach a Designated Assembly Point at a Safe Place

  6. The Importance of the Disabled Refuge Point

  7. Personal Emergency Egress Plans for People with Disabilities

  8. The Risk from Flammable Materials used or stored on the Premises

  9. Precautions to be taken to Minimise and Control the Risks, with particular attention to their role in reducing and controlling fuel and ignition sources

  10. The Handling and Storage of Gases used in the Hospitality Industry

  11. The Location and where appropriate the use of Fire Fighting Equipment

  12. The Fire Prevention and Fire Safety Measures and Procedures in the premises and where they impact on staff and others in the building

  13. The Provision of Proper Records of all Fire Relate Activities to satisfy an inspection by the Appropriate Authorities

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